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Hello and welcome! I'm Carla Lomax, and I’ve been playing with words since I first began writing poetry at the age of seven. My fascination with words and the sounds of language led me to study other languages: French, Spanish, and Arabic. I’m interested in lots of things like photography, learning about other cultures, food, health and wellness, the arts, climate change, sustainability and recycling, law, printmaking, yoga, and whatever else grabs my interest.

I've worked in variety of industries including the arts, medicine, technology, architecture, law, engineering, and academia.

My broad experience helps me to bring an eye for detail and and ear for language to my work as a copy editor and proofreader. But good communication isn’t only about grammar and punctuation. It’s also about:

  • Demonstrating professionalism

  • Using clear speech (no language clutter)

  • Avoiding misunderstandings

  • Eliminating offensive or biased language

  • Accuracy

My Competencies

  • Exceptional copy editing and proofreading skills

  • Experience with The Chicago Manual of Style, the Associated Press Stylebook, the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, and several others, including various in-house styles

  • A strong grasp of English grammar, syntax, idioms, and punctuation

  • The ability to communicate complex topics to a diverse audience

  • Public speaking and presentation

  • Time management

  • Teaching skills, both in person and online



  • Newsletters

  • Water quality reports for U.S. public utilities

  • Online course materials

  • Fiction and nonfiction manuscripts

  • Corporate reports

  • Nursing textbooks

  • Patient handouts

Additional Training

I'm a certified YogaFit instructor, and I have a 120-Hour Master Certificate in TEFL/TESOL from Bridge Education.

Questions? Contact me, carla [at] theeditingpencil [dot] com.


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